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Pause Timer for AS3


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EDIT 05/07/2012:  Made a small changed so getting pausetimer.delay return the initially set delay vs the super.timer delay.  When paused, the pausetimer will update the super.timer delay for the current interval after which it sets it back to the originally set delay.  If you were trying to get the delay before the update, you were seeing this short delay.  The change is outlined here.

Recently I wanted to add a pause function in another tool that I’ll be posting up on here in the future ^_~

Timers were the backbone of the sequencing the tool used and I was pretty surprised to find a lack of pausing ability in the native AS3 Timers.  I looked around to see if anybody had remedied this problem, and Lewinzki did.

The solution was there but I had a few issues with the implementation:

I didn’t like that the delay wouldn’t be reset back to the userset delay (or user updated value) after it had been paused. Basically the timer ticks will be messed up if you didn’t reset the delay back to userset value every tick.

Also if you wanted to attach events to the timer, you actually had to step into the object and listen to the child timer in Lewinzki’s timer.

Other than those two qualms it was sound.  I decided to rewrite it extending the native Timer so its would function exactly the same with the added pause and resume features, though calling start when paused will also just resume as well.
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