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Unity Penelope Tutorial update for Unity 3 and C# – Part 2, Pages 37-71


Need Part 1?

Wow, I didn’t realize that part 2 would involve writing so much code. The tap control piece was much longer than I had expected, and even now the zoom in feels much faster than the zoom out so I might have a small error some where.

I also had to rewrite the ZoomCamera JS to C# because the TapControl had a code reference to the class and I didn’t realize that you couldn’t have mismatching code classes reference each other, not that I am that surprised that it was a problem when it arose either mind you… maybe I imagined unity was so magical that it wouldn’t be an issue. ^_~

Part 2 converts all three control types into c# along with 2 other classes:

I did run into a few small errors in the tutorial, and I made notes by them above their respected snippet or as a comment in the code. Enjoy.
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Unity Penelope Tutorial update for Unity 3 and C# – Part 1, Pages 19-33


I like to get familiar with Unity3d v3, mobile device development, and c#.

MonoDevelop is a great tool for developing Unity 3. It has excellent code completion and line by line debugging. Unfortunately it doesn’t support UnityScript/JavaScript for code completion, so I decided to suck it up and just force myself to go with C#.

Being unfamiliar with Unity development as a whole, I found the Penelope Tutorial fantastic. It is written using the old unity api and with UnityScript. I figured, since I’m going to be going though the tutorial and converting everything to C# and the Unity 3 API I might as make the coding snippets though out the tutorial available as well.
Here is the first part: pages 19 – 33 of the Penelope PDF converted to c# and using the latest Unity 3 API

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