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Blind User Interface – iOS


So reddit has a blind person ‘Ask Me Anything’ and I remembered that iOS devices actually have pretty good support for blind people, so I decided to make a ‘quick, one-take, off the cuff’ video of me attempting to demonstrate it for him (and his sister to describe to him) as well as inform other redditors. Here it is:

VideoJS Fullscreen Video Fix for Chrome and Firefox


VideoJS Fix (google code)

VideoJS Fix (github)

Here’s a quick post. I’ve been working on my portfolio and wanted to use HTML5 video, since overall support is pretty good these days. Its a bit crazy, but you do need to have a few different formats for all browsers, desktop and mobile, to play nicely but was worth it for me. I ran across the VideoJS library and its seemed well maintained and a great solution. It worked like a charm initially, but in browser testing I noticed that it had an issue when full screening on firefox and chrome. Take a look:
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